EcoCHARGE XHF Modular Chargers

XHF charger modules use eXtra High Frequency (XHF) switching at up to 250kHz. eXtra High Frequency allows transformers and other filtering components to be much smaller and more efficient. Another advantage of high frequency is that the microprocessor control circuitry can regulate the output with higher precision. It provides tighter control of charge voltages and a reduction in ripple currents; saving up to 20% on the cost of charging your batteries when compared to older technology chargers.

With advanced microprocessor control, built in intelligence and auto configuration options EcoCHARGE XHF Modular Chargers are extremely versatile.


FS1 Modular Charger

The ideal low profile compact charging option for wall or bench mount applications. The FS1 packs a big punch from such a small form factor, able to charge batteries up to 375Ah capacity from a standard 15A single phase AC wall socket.

FS3 Modular Charger


Flexibility is the keyword for the FS3.

The modular design utilizes one, two or three multi-voltage charger modules and is available in single or three phase configurations. It supports conventional charging up to 1175Ah capacity batteries and opportunity charging of up to 720Ah capacity batteries.

A custom bracket provides for simple and cost effective wall, shelf and floor installations.

The FS3 is compact and light enough to carry with one hand.


FS5 / FS9 Modular Charger

The powerhouse of modular chargers!

These chargers support up to five (FS5) and nine (FS9) charger modules. They provide enough capacity to conventionally charge up to 3375Ah or opportunity charge up to 2160Ah batteries.

Optimized to deliver serious power for demanding applications, the FS5 and FS9 chargers meet the needs of even the toughest challenges.

Options and Accessories


 Auto Watering Kit

The Auto Watering Card mounts inside the XHF Modular Charger and connects to an externally mounted solenoid suitable for the supply of deionised water. This can then be enabled to auto fill the batteries either on a cycle counting basis or when the BMM detects a low electrolyte level.



The Battery Monitoring Module is installed on each battery – and is used to provide accurate battery metering, charger configuration, charge compensation and data logging. The module measures six different battery parameters continuously, reports them to the charger and stores them for the life of the battery. While the BMM communicates with the charger through the existing cables, its Bluetooth connection can be used to transfer battery records quickly to an Android tablet for further analysis.


Universal Mounting Bracket

A universal mounting bracket allows the FS3 charger to be wall mounted in two different directions or to be floor mounted or fixed to racking.

Refer to separate brochures for further detail on these accessories.