Setting the standard in motive battery fleet monitoring and management.

The BMMConnect Battery Monitoring Module (BMM) has a comprehensive range of battery monitoring, logging and analysis capabilities.

It is the ideal solution for battery installations where battery life history logs are required to monitor battery health and record energy throughput for warranty purposes. The built in Bluetooth® function allows for easy data retrieval using Android and Windows PC’s.

When used with XHF chargers, BMMConnect optimizes charging through real-time monitoring of the battery voltage, temperature, electrolyte level and state-of-charge (SOC). The BMMConnect sends battery profile information to the XHF charger, instructing which charge profile to use. The auto configuration process enables true multi-voltage, multi-chemistry operation from one charger.

BMMConnect features a dual profile operation for installations that require opportunity/fast charge and maintains battery health through the use of a secondary profile to restore the battery to 100% SOC.

ECOconnect-App Deka

Maximize battery fleet uptime, streamline data collection and receive accurate warranty data with Enatel Motive Power’s ECOConnect

Enatel Motive Power is proud to announce the availability of the ECOConnect app via the Google Play Store.

ECOConnect is an Android application for smartphones or tablets that will enable your business to manage batteries, view status and download warranty data logs to your device or via email. The ECOConnect app features a Bluetooth wireless connection to the BMMConnect module, reducing fleet downtime as trucks no longer need to be taken out-of-service to read data.

With the ECOConnect app you will also benefit from:

Live monitoring of battery voltage, current, temperature, state, SOC, SOH and lifetime charge/discharge Ah.
Easy to extract warranty data to ensure you are getting the most from your battery.

More importantly, it is so easy to use that anyone can extract and email logs to your battery experts, allowing more time for data analysis and less time for data gathering.
In-app purchases also enable you to download premium data logs for detailed battery use analysis.

Search ECOconnect on the Google Play Store today!