Modular Reinvented

Gamma is a high-efficiency modular battery charger for industrial fleets of any type of small electric vehicle. It helps slash operating costs for everything from warehouse lift trucks to airport ground crew vehicles thanks to its Core 4 feature set:

  • 97% charging efficiency
  • Charge any battery, at any common voltage
  • Unprecedented data connectivity
  • Advanced intelligence

And does it all in an practical form that is so small and light it can be picked up and moved by one person.


Exploded view

The Core 4

97% charging efficiency

The high efficiency power modules deliver a massive 100A each. With capacity for up to six modules, each charger can deliver up to an impressive 600A, suitable for all battery chemistry conventional/opportunity/fast-rated applications.

While the previous generation of chargers were the first to obtain CEC compliance, this new generation offers industry leading efficiency levels of over 97%, exceeding even the most stringent regulatory requirements.

High-efficiency modules combined with the smart connected Charger Network Management System (CNMS) charger network allows further savings using Demand Response Management (DRM) to capitalize on low electricity tariffs.

Charge any battery, at any common voltage

The GAMMA has the ability to charge equipment at all common battery voltages, meaning one

charger can be configured to charge just about any battery-operated lift truck in your operation.

Detailed charge-control algorithms ensure the charger is compatible with all flooded lead acid, AGM, thin plate pure lead, NiCad, and even hybrid technology batteries. With its auto-sensing battery voltage feature, you can preconfigure profiles and provide a conventional charge to the battery.

When combined with Battery Monitoring Module (BMM), the charger can optimize the charging process through real-time monitoring and data logging of key performance parameters. Any battery fitted with a BMM will automatically configure the charger for the correct battery type, voltage and capacity – providing true multi-voltage, multi-profile charging capabilities.

Unprecedented data connectivity

The GAMMA high-efficiency and output configuration flexibility all help to lower charging costs. By connecting chargers into the CNMS fleet management system, even more power savings can be made – opening up opportunity for load shedding, peak power scheduling, and responding to utility demand/response invitations.

With its remote connection capabilities, troubleshooting diagnostics can be performed without having to be on-site. By understanding installation needs before dispatching a technician, service callout times are reduced and the technician arrives with the right parts – first time!

Advanced intelligence

Advanced lithium battery technology is revolutionising the industry and the GAMMA charger is at the forefront of that dynamic change. It comes with pre-configured charging profiles that are suitable for a large majority of lithium battery chemistry and allow for charging rates of up to 0.8C.

Using lithium enables the charger to talk directly to the battery BMS to achieve 1.0C charging rates. This ensures energy savings, more efficient opportunity charging cycles and optimal charging to maintain battery pack life.

Power density

Gamma represents a 10% reduction in footprint, coupled with a
66% increase in power compared to previous models,
making it a global champion of power density.arrow graph-02


Supporting Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, Ethernet and USB for unprecedented
levels of configuration, monitoring, diagnostics and data mining.



Boasting an industry leading efficiency level of over 97%,
from the pioneer in motive power who first brought
you modular and CEC compliant chargers.


Technical Specifications

Gamma tech specs

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