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Enatel Motive Power to launch category-defying fleet battery charger at LogiMAT


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Pioneers of high frequency switch mode power electronics, Enatel Motive Power will be launching a leading-edge, high voltage battery charger at LogiMAT (Stuttgart, Germany, March 13-15, 2018) with a boundless application set.

Gamma – which boasts an industry-leading 97% charging efficiency – will be the centerpiece of the Enatel Motive Power presence on stand F72 of Hall 10. However, its efficiency isn’t the only talking point (see below).

The charger has been designed around a customer-centric feature set designed to up-end the market by providing fleet battery managers with more control, not just improvements in performance. And all in a modular package that is much smaller and easier to handle than existing chargers in the marketplace.

This feature set is known as the Core 4:

  • 97% charging efficiency
  • Charge any battery, at any common voltage
  • Unprecedented data connectivity
  • Advanced intelligence

“We’re very excited to be launching Gamma at LogiMAT,” Enatel Motive Power Director of Sales and Marketing Andrew Davidson says.

“The event is a great showcase for innovation and, to be frank, we’re looking forward to ruffling a few feathers with the approach we’ve taken to this product’s design. To create truly unique, market-leading solutions you sometimes have to do away with traditional categorization. So rather than pin people into certain battery choices or angle our charger for just one audience, we’ve done away with these barriers to deliver a charger almost any business engaged in logistics can use cost-effectively.”

This unique approach is an evolution of its existing modular charger and battery monitoring software solutions that are used widely across warehouses, distribution centers and airports in America.

“We realised long ago that most existing battery chargers for logistics operations weren’t interested in providing flexibility or even scope for scaling up operations. It was all about them locking you into future purchasing decisions. We disrupted this approach by developing solutions that are ultra-efficient and ultra-flexible, which has led our clients to find great success in America. Now we’ve developed a charger that, among other things, is high voltage and compatible with all battery chemistries, so it’s now Europe’s turn to experience unprecedented flexibility.”

Enatel Motive Power is part of the Enatel group of companies that share a world-class R&D facility in Christchurch, New Zealand. That means Enatel Motive Power benefits from innovative research in fields such as DC telco and hybrid power management, smart electronics control interfaces, and solar power conversion.

Business Development Manager Andrew Male says this is evident in the feature set of Gamma, which focuses on providing data-driven insights as much as it does on Enatel Motive Power’s traditional push for market-leading efficiency and modularity.

“We’re not pitching Gamma just for materials handling vehicles or AGVs. It can do it all. We’ve thrown out traditional market barriers to develop one of the most flexible devices of its kind anywhere in the world. If you have a moving asset that needs charging in the field and you want to reduce OPEX, you’ll want to see Gamma. It’s as simple as that.”

Businesses that want to learn more about Gamma can register interest online to be some of the first to receive information on the product when it is launched.

Gamma talking points

  • Industry-leading charging efficiency of more than 97%
  • Half the size of its closest competitors*
  • A 10% footprint reduction and 66% increase in power compared to previous Enatel Motive Power models
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, Ethernet and USB connectivity to support data-driven asset management
  • Advanced Battery Interface (ABI) for lithium battery chemistry
  • Configurable in 100A steps (up to six modules to deliver 600A)
  • Unprecedented battery compatibility – the Gamma is suitable for all battery chemistries and all conventional/opportunity/fast-rated charging applications
  • An evolution of the first battery charger in the industry to achieve California Energy Commission (CEC) compliance

About Enatel Motive Power

Enatel Motive Power is a specialist in battery-charging innovation for industrial-application vehicles. The company made its name with a number of world firsts:

  • The first manufacturer in the industry to introduce a high efficiency modular charger.
  • In the US – where more than 50,000 of its chargers are currently in use – it became the first to attain CEC compliance for large battery chargers.

Enatel Motive Power will be the first New Zealand company to exhibit at LogiMAT.



Hall 10, Stand F72





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Press enquiries:
Ben Douglas
Product and Account Manager – Enatel Motive Power
Phone: +64 (0) 3 366 4550

*Based on market research of charger volumetric comparisons in the industrial charger application space Nov 2017.