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Dual Profile Battery Monitoring Module & App

The standard in motive battery fleet management with its comprehensive range of battery monitoring, logging and analysis capabilities. Use with ECOCharge chargers to optimize charging through real-time battery voltage and temperature monitoring that removes the need to have a dedicated charger for each battery type and capacity.


  • Current sensing up to +/- 1300amps
  • Midpoint voltage monitoring
  • Electrolyte level sensor
  • Auto-initiated battery equalization cycles
  • Auto-initiated watering cycles
  • Temperature probe senses battery temperature throughout the complete charge
    cycle, continually adjusting the charge profile
  • Communicates to chargers through existing battery cables, no additional
    wires or connectors required
  • Rugged case construction resists impact, water, and battery electrolyte spills
  • Bluetooth® Class 1 for improved range
  • UL Classified – Electrical Accessory for Industrial Trucks




Automatically programs all EcoCharge
chargers with the correct battery charge



Dual Profile configuration to optimize
battery health and SOC for opportunity
or fast application.

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Records all battery events including
temperature, charge and discharge cycles.

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