At Enatel Motive Power we pride ourselves on creating versatile products for the Motive Power industry. Our versatility means flexibility for many applications and we are constantly exploring new concepts.

Common Applications for EMP Products


Multi Chemistry

XHF Modular Chargers can store up to 32 charge profiles. These profiles allow users to configure chargers for almost any battery chemistry. Choose from the many pre-configured options or define your own. In addition, the BMMConnect battery configuration and monitor device can store the battery profile on board the battery. When it is connected to an XHF Modular Charger, the BMMConnect uploads the profile to the charger and the charger responds by charging according to the profile.

Conventional (flooded) Charging

The most common charging profile in the materials handling industry is the Lead Acid conventional (aka flooded) profile. Optimized to return maximum charge to your batteries, the conventional profile includes options for equalization cycles based on time or total cycles. Normally, the conventional profile will charge at a rate of 0.16C but can be modified if required.

OpportunityOpportunity/High Rate Charging

More and more fleet operators are moving to Opportunity Charging to reduce battery inventory and make use of short breaks in work shifts. By “topping up” a battery during coffee and lunch breaks at a higher charge rate, a battery can last an entire shift or more. Fleet owners can use smaller (and less expensive) batteries without compromising shift length. Good battery health is maintained by the XHF Modular Chargers performing full charges with equalization cycles at regular intervals. Often this is scheduled for weekends or late at night – with the added benefit of making use of lower electricity tariffs.  Typically, opportunity charge uses a rate of 0.25C, although in some circumstances this can be increased to “high rate” charging with a rate of 0.4C.

Mixed fleet2
Mixed Fleet

A typical materials handling vehicle fleet has a mixture of battery voltages, capacities and chemistries. In the past, fleet operators would have had a charger dedicated to each battery type, voltage and size. If one charger failed there was no redundancy for charging that type of battery. By installing a BMMConnect module on each battery this problem is a thing of the past.

When a battery with BMMConnect is plugged in to an XHF Modular Charger, information on voltage, capacity, profile and temperature is uploaded to the charger. The charger responds by charging the battery according to the BMMConnect profile. In this way, any battery in the fleet can be connected to any XHF Modular Charger.

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